Rodent Control

Rodent Control in St Louis

These cute little critters can be a real problem in your home, especially if they've chewed through furniture, wires, and wood. Not only are they pesky like that, but they also leave droppings that are unsanitary. They can be tricky to catch and get rid of, but no job is too difficult for 24-7 Animal & Pest Control! Give us a call today.

Custom Rodent Removal Solutions

Norway rats and the house mouse are the most common rodents found in the St Louis region and we use a combination of baiting and trapping to gain control of the population in your home. Norway rats pose the biggest challenge because they are so wary of their surroundings, thereby slowing down the process and increasing the length of time to complete the job. 

The house mouse is usually found in the attics and walls of homes and will exit the home several times a day in search of food. We primarily use a baiting system around the exterior of your home to gain control. Each rodent control job that we encounter has some sort of twist from the others so we have to be able to customize a strategy that fits your home. 
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