St Louis's Bat Control Experts

If your home has an entryway in the roof, chances are, you will get a bat infestation. They can be scary to be around and the droppings they leave in your attic can be bad for your health. If you've noticed something different in your attic, give 24-7 Animal & Pest Control a call and we can come do a thorough inspection to see if you do indeed have a bat infestation.
Bat catching in net

Bat Inspection and Removal

To remove bats from a home, we are not killing them but rather, we are excluding them by sealing off all possible entry points to the home. A careful inspection is done to identify the bat entry points and we will use materials that are transparent or hardly noticeable at all to seal the home. In the St Louis region, it is best not to exclude bats from May 15 to August 15 because it is during this time that the female bats are rearing their young. The young bats need this time so that they can mature and become self-sufficient. A 5-year guarantee is provided for your home and is transferable. 
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