Insect Extermination in St Louis

When the weather gets hot, you may notice an increase in the ant population in your home. Although you may take proper precautions to avoid infestations (such as not leaving any food out and cleaning up any food dropped right away), they may still swarm you in numbers. At this point, you should call 24-7 Animal & Pest Control so we can take care of your ant problem promptly.

Ant Treatment Guarantees

Ants are the number one pest control phone call that we receive each year. The most common one in the St Louis region is the odorous house ant and is easily identified by a pungent smell when you crush them with your fingers. The carpenter ant is usually associated with termites because of their behavior to nest in wood. They nest but they don’t eat wood like termites do and the treatments for control are far different. Other species of ants in the St. Louis region are the acrobat, field, and pavement ants. We will use a combination of chemicals and baits in and around the home, but as with any job, we are always sensitive to the needs of the customer. We offer treatment guarantees for ants through our quarterly pest program.
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