Raccoon Trapping in St Louis

Raccoons can be an annoying presence to have on your property since they take every opportunity to scavenge food from you. If these pesky little critters have been hanging around your property and you want them gone, give 24-7 Animal & Pest Control a call. We'll come and assess the situation for you to find the best solution for getting rid of raccoons for good.
Raccoon in a box trap

Humane traps

We are always sensitive to the customer’s desire for safe and humane trapping practices so we use live traps whenever possible. Raccoons are nocturnal so it is normal to hear them throughout the night and early morning hours. Oftentimes a raccoon will have more than one den, so they may not be in your attic for a few days to two weeks at a time. We do not use any poisonous baits when trapping raccoons from your home.
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